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Application Areas of Sulfuric Acid

Feb. 02, 2021

Sulfuric Acid is one of the important items in the basic chemical market. The role of sulfuric acid in the national economy is explained as follows.

1. Agricultural Production Services

In order to produce plant food ammonium sulfate and superphosphate, the production of these two plant foods must absorb a large amount of sulfuric acid.

Every time a large amount of ammonium sulfate is produced, one needs to eat 760kg of sulfuric acid, and every ton of superphosphate produced requires 360kg of sulfuric acid.

In order to make pesticides, many pesticides need to use sulfuric acid as a raw material. For example, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate can be used as a plant fungicide, sulfuric acid th can be used as a rodenticide, and ferrous sulfate and copper sulfate can be used as herbicides. The most common pesticides require sulfuric acid. The former requires 1.4t of 20% fuming sulfuric acid for every 1t produced, and the latter requires 36kg of sulfuric acid for every 1t produced. For everyone familiar with DDT, 1.2 tons of 20% fuming sulfuric acid is required for each production of 1 ton of product.

Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid

2. Industrial production services

Especially for metal processing in the metallurgical industry and the metallurgical industry, the production process of non-ferrous metals requires the use of sulfuric acid. Electrolytic refined copper, zinc, cadmium, nickel, electrolyte will need to use sulfuric acid, some invaluable metals also need to be refined, but also need liquefied sulfur to dissolve other metals. In certain metal processing processes, such as nickel, chromium and other steel parts, sulfuric acid is also needed to clean the corroded surface area.

For the petroleum sector, gasoline, lubricants, and various other petroleum products in the manufacturing process require concentrated sulfuric acid to remove a sulfur compound and unsaturated hydrocarbons. Each ton of petroleum refining requires about 24 kg of sulfuric acid, and each batch of diesel refining requires about 30 kg of sulfuric acid. The preparation of activated clay for the petroleum market also consumes a large amount of sulfuric acid.

For various other chemical manufacturing and other industrial fields, some chemical products require the use of sulfuric acid. In concentrated nitric acid, focus on sulfuric acid as a desiccant; in the chlor-alkali industry, concentrated sulfuric acid must completely dry chlorine and hydrogen chloride gas; not in the natural salt market, such as cryolite, sodium borax, disodium hydrogen phosphate, lead sulfate, zinc sulfate, sulfuric acid Copper, ferrous sulfate, and various other sulfates are all prepared with sulfuric acid. A variety of inorganic acids, such as phosphoric acid, boric acid, chromic acid, hydrofluoric acid, chlorosulfonic acid; oxalic acid [(COOH)2], acetic acid and other organic acids as raw materials. In addition, the coking chemical industry, electroplating industry, leather market, paint industry, rubber industry, paper industry, paint industry, industrial explosives and lead storage battery manufacturing industries are consuming a large amount of sulfuric acid.

3. The role of solving people's "wearing" and "utilization" and other problems

In order to produce chemical fibers that people know about viscose cords, it is necessary to use a mixture of sulfuric acid, zinc sulfate, and sodium sulfate as a viscose spinning coagulation bath. To produce 1t viscose fiber, it needs to absorb 1.2t~1.5t sulfuric acid. To produce 1t size nylon staple fiber, it needs to eat 230kg of 98% sulfuric acid. To produce 1t Carpenton monomer, 1.6t20% oleum is needed. In addition, in nylon, acetate.

To produce 1t of viscose fiber, 1.2t~1.5t of sulfuric acid is consumed. To produce 1t of vinyl staple fiber, 230kg of 98% sulfuric acid must be consumed. To produce 1t of Carpenton monomer, 1.6t of 20% oleum is required.

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