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What is the Difference Between Concentrated Sulfuric Acid and Dilute Sulfuric Acid?

May. 18, 2021

First define the so-called dilute sulfuric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid.

Dilute sulfuric acid: 0.1mol/L Sulfuric Acid

Concentrated sulfuric acid: 98% concentrated sulfuric acid

1. From the perspective of physical properties

Dilute sulfuric acid has almost the same fluidity as normal water. The viscosity of concentrated sulfuric acid will be greater. The texture is a bit like honey or vegetable oil. If you take the two to dilute, the diluted solution of concentrated sulfuric acid will have obvious heat, while dilute sulfuric acid will not

Some concentrated sulfuric acid will slightly yellow, and dilute sulfuric acid is generally clear and transparent

Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid

2. From the perspective of chemical properties

The difference between Concentrated Sulfuric Acid and dilute sulfuric acid is that concentrated sulfuric acid has strong oxidizing and dehydrating properties. Dilute sulfuric acid does not have concentrated sulfuric acid to react with iron, aluminum and other metals without heating, which will passivate the metal surface and cause the reaction to stop. The dilute sulfuric acid reacts with these metals to produce hydrogen.

A spoonful of sucrose is added to concentrated sulfuric acid, and after a while, it will turn black, swell, and then smell bad. Dilute sulfuric acid will not.

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