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Precautions For the Use of Commonly Used Disinfectants: Hydrogen Peroxide

Nov. 10, 2020

1. What is hydrogen peroxide? Is it useful for the new coronavirus?

Hydrogen peroxide, also called hydrogen peroxide, is a strong oxidant. When treating abrasions in the hospital, a medical hydrogen peroxide solution with a concentration of 3.0% is used for disinfection. Therefore, a certain concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution has a clear effect on disinfection and sterilization. The killing effect of Bulk Hydrogen Peroxide on bacteria and viruses is mainly derived from its strong oxidizing property. When hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with microorganisms, it can quickly decompose new ecological oxygen, and the new ecological oxygen enters the inside of the microorganisms. The related enzymes of the bacteria are denatured, or the nucleic acid structure of the virus is destroyed, thereby killing the bacteria and inactivating the virus.

So can hydrogen peroxide effectively kill the new coronavirus? The answer is yes. Like peracetic acid, it destroys the nucleic acid structure of the virus through strong oxidizing properties, thereby achieving an oxidizing disinfectant that inactivates the virus. Peracetic acid can kill the coronavirus, and hydrogen peroxide can of course.

2. How to use it in daily life?

Hydrogen Peroxide usually has various concentrations such as 30%, 3.0%, and 6%. To kill the new coronavirus, 3.0% medical hydrogen peroxide is enough. Sterilizes through its strong oxidizing effect, and finally decomposes into oxygen and water. It has no pollution to the environment and no residue. It is a very good and selectable coronavirus disinfectant. For the disinfection of items and clothes, generally spray spraying, wiping or soaking can be used for disinfection for 20 minutes. In this way, the new coronavirus can be quickly inactivated, which has a good disinfection effect.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

3. What are the precautions for use?

Pure Hydrogen Peroxide has good disinfection effect and is a safe, green and environmentally friendly disinfectant. However, most peroxide disinfectants are unstable, and long-term use will damage the eyes and respiratory mucosa of humans and animals. Long-term use should be avoided.

② It is a very active substance, which is easy to decompose under the conditions of heat and light, which will reduce its concentration and affect its sterilization effect. Therefore, it should be kept in a shaded, cool place during the validity period.

③If you buy a 30% hydrogen peroxide solution, you can use it after diluting it 10 times with pure water. But when preparing this solution, be sure to wear gloves, masks and goggles for protection, and try to avoid high-concentration hydrogen peroxide splashing on the skin, mucous membranes, and eyes. Once contaminated on the skin, rinse with water for 5 minutes as soon as possible.

④ All disinfection supplies should be kept away from children.